[Dwarf-discuss] UTF-8, LEB128: need forward refs. to definitions on first use.

Bishop, John E john.e.bishop
Mon May 16 12:08:33 PDT 2005

Page 4 (1.5) introduces UTF-8, but has no reference.

Shouldn't there be some kind of reference, such 
as: "see http://www.unicode.org/unicode/uni2book/ch02.pdf, 
section 2.3".

There is a reference on page 124 (7.5.4), which is the
sole index hit for "UTF-8", so perhaps only a forward
reference to that point is required.

Similiarly, page 15 ( introduces LEB128
without a definition or reference.  I assumed on
reading it that it meant "little-endian binary
128-bit number".  But it required searching the 
index to get to page 134 (7.6), where my assumption
was confirmed.  A forward reference seems indicated.

It's possible that there are links in the on-line 
version, as I'm looking at the dead-tree version.


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