[Dwarf-discuss] 2.12.1, Non-defining Declarations

David Anderson davea
Mon May 16 20:04:45 PDT 2005

>Maybe I'm missing something, but it looks like
>it says that if this DIE for a non-defining declaration,
>then it has the DW_AT_declaration attribute.
>Presumably if it's not a non-defining declaration,
>it doesn't have the DW_AT_declaration attribute.
>So why does the attribute need a flag value?  Isn't
>having the attribute enough?

No it is not enough. If the flag value is 0, then the attribute is considered
missing (in a sense: hope using this missing word is not simply
confusing).    If the flag value is zero then is as if
DW_AT_declaration were not there (another way to put it).

This 'flag' notion is intentional. It allows dwarf-generators
more flexibility and allows more sharing of abbreviations.

David A.

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