[Dwarf-discuss] RE: Issue 050222.1

Nettleton, Brian brian.nettleton
Wed May 25 13:48:42 PDT 2005

Yes, and it you'd also introduce items with different types onto the
evaluation stack.  This makes for a significantly more complex
definition.  What does it mean if the expression indicates to add a
float value to an address?  Probably an error, but ???  Also is an
efficiency issue to have a stack with with objects of variable sizes.


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> Dwarf value expressions would have to distinguish between
> o   Values in the executable file (a.out/foo.exe)
> o   Values in the current running process (if any)
> o   Values held in debugger-local memory
> All the more reason to be careful before defining a 
> DW_OP_fetch operator...
> 	-John
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