[Dwarf-discuss] RE: Issue 050222.1

Chris Quenelle Chris.Quenelle
Thu May 26 00:13:02 PDT 2005

Dwarf location expressions heavily use "address" which
implies they are living the environment of a
running process (or core image).  I would not want
to use the term "address" to describe an offset in
an executable or shared library.  I think any
"value expression" that we might invent (in case we
pursue such a thing) would describe values
in the context of the process image.  (If the debugger
is smart enough to utilize the a.out as a "backing store"
for the process image, that's fine.  But I don't see
that that needs to complicate the dwarf spec)

It's also true that the description should be worded
with care to to make that clear, since the context
of the 'value' can be easily mis-assumed.

Just my .02


Bishop, John E wrote:
> Dwarf value expressions would have to distinguish between
> o   Values in the executable file (a.out/foo.exe)
> o   Values in the current running process (if any)
> o   Values held in debugger-local memory
> All the more reason to be careful before defining a
> DW_OP_fetch operator...
> 	-John
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