[Dwarf-discuss] Re: optimized code debugging

Chris Quenelle Chris.Quenelle
Thu May 26 00:20:40 PDT 2005

I didn't mean to derail the main topic, I was
changing the subject.  John's idea seems
good to me.


Bishop, John E wrote:
> was: Issue 050222.1
> My concern here is not to implement a feature
> but to prevent the DWARF 3 specification from
> outlawing a means for producers and consumers
> of DWARF to someday use this capability to
> implement a future feature.
> The fact that how the particular feature I suggested
> might be implemented requires more thought doesn't
> mean the restriction is justified.
> Are there arguments for retaining the requirement
> that the beginning and ending addresses not be the
> same address?
> 	-John

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