[Dwarf-discuss] Re: Dwarf Comment Submission

David Anderson davea
Sun May 29 22:45:13 PDT 2005

Chris Q writes:
>We are working on the terminology issue, but for now I think
>you should assume that multiple top-level (CU) tags can be
>in a CU block.  (If I'm wrong, someone will correct me I'm sure.)

I _think_ that's wrong.  It's come up before.

Adding the DW_TAG_partial unit tag (in DWARF3) has made
it a bit harder to understand...

When this has come up before the final interpretation
was (I think) that
may only follow a CU-header.  So  a CU-header
has exactly one or the other of these following it.
Not both, not more than one.

None of
makes this very clear though.

The clearest statement is in the first paragraph of 3.1.1.

The second paragraph of 3.1.1  is ambiguous in that it neither
contradicts the first paragraph nor contradicts
the hypothesis of multiple  DW_TAG_compile_unit per CU-header.

Is this made clearer somewhere I've overlooked? Am I wrong?

David Anderson

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