[Dwarf-discuss] Re: Dwarf Comment Submission

Chris Quenelle Chris.Quenelle
Tue May 31 02:09:30 PDT 2005

David Anderson wrote:
> Chris Q writes:
>>We are working on the terminology issue, but for now I think
>>you should assume that multiple top-level (CU) tags can be
>>in a CU block.  (If I'm wrong, someone will correct me I'm sure.)
> I _think_ that's wrong.  It's come up before.

I guess my intuition was wrong then.  ;-)
Probably won't be the last time, sorry.

I don't know of any issues in our implementation or any
others that prevent either choice.

If the compiler uses a comdat-style mechanism for including
some units and not others, then each top-level tag
will probably end up in it's own CU-block, with multiple
CU-blocks per object file.

If there's no evidence of any implementations putting multiplr
top-level tags in one block, (debuggers or compilers) then we
should probably standardize on it.


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