[Dwarf-discuss] Where can I find info about bug 583450?

Kees Bakker kees.bakker
Thu Mar 30 01:18:28 PST 2006


In dwarf_form.c (libdwarf) there is a note about bug 583450. I guess
the function to get a "constant" was split in dwarf_formsdata() and
dwarf_formudata(). That's OK, but it also suggests that the callers
can retry. And that is not done when printing attribute values, for
example for DW_AT_encoding. In fact, I would rather see a
dwarf_formconst() or something alike to deal with this.

It just happens that our compiler issues a udata for AT_encoding and
dwarfdump complains about it for (I think) no reason.

Before I fix this I want to know more about why this was done the way it
is. Or is this too old? The Changelog mentions something about formsdata()
"before May, 1996".

Kind regards, Kees Bakker

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