[Dwarf-discuss] What values to use for our own attributes

David Anderson davea
Fri Mar 10 09:25:33 PST 2006

I think the wiki approach would be good.

That said, though, I'm quite willing to insert 
vendor-specific values into the dwarf.h SGI publishes
with libdwarf/dwarfdump.

However, I'd need some few words (to me) as documentation
so each such could be properly commented for readers.
(Need not be 'fully documented',  I just want the
attribution (who) and what the general concept is).
The word 'Tasking' as it appears in the extensions is quite unclear.
Does that refer to a company?  A concept (related to multi-tasking?)?
Or something else.  I would want to know (so I could document
in a comment) the company and a clue about the meaning.

It's unclear to me why "Tasking" was chosen: in general
the advice in the spec requests that you name the vendor
(not a concept) and generally all-upper-case is preferred:
HP or GNU or MIPS are examples you will find used.
There are also exceptions to the spelling advice, but
I don't consider the exceptions good choices.
So I don't consider 'Tasking' a good choice as it
ignores the advice in the spec.

David Anderson

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