[Dwarf-discuss] What values to use for our own attributes

David Anderson davea
Mon Mar 13 09:23:33 PST 2006

Well. Yes, the quote below is what I meant.

>It this the part that you refer to (section 7.1)?
>  "... conventionally use the form prefix_vendor_id_name, where vendor_id is some identifying
>   character sequence chosen so as to avoid conflicts with other vendors."
>In that case there was nothing wrong with the original names, except that all other
>vendor names are in allcaps.
>Hope this clarifies it.

Yes, it does. So since you have quoted a set of 'new' names
I'll adopt those.    Now that you've explained  TASKING
was actually a company name (Tasking) that would have been ok too
(it was not obvious).  CamelCaps is not something we do

I've used #define instead of enums because #define values are
more easily (ab)used by languages  (and script
processing) other than C/C++.

I'm finishing up libdwarf support for GNU eh_frame (in libdwarf/dwarfdump)
and should issue a new version  with the new
#defines/extensions for ALTRIUM this week. I think.

In a comment I'd like to give the proper attribution. What
phrase should I use to define (for human readers, not #define)
Altrium?  Altrium PLC? Altrium Corporation?  Something else?
I note altrium.nl seems to be the email address, I don't see
a web site under the altrium name (not that there has to be one,
I just want some very concise comment for human readers).

Thanks for your flexibility here...
David Anderson

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