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Nettleton, Brian brian.nettleton at windriver.com
Sat Apr 12 09:42:36 PDT 2008

After the recent discussion about membership and time and all that I did
want to take the opportunity to note that I see this as a pattern.  I'll
likely be attacked by Mr. Eager for the same reasons as Roland as I am
also guilty of not attending meetings.  It is unfair to say "you
declined, saying you were not interested in furthering the standard."
Obviously he is interested in furthering the standard, just apparently
not on Mr. Eager's terms.  It is unbefitting for the chair of any
committee to accuse other people of being not interested in furthering
the standard.  It's simply an ad hominem attack.
I tried to participate in the group many years ago and also never felt
welcome for much of the same kinds of comments (both by email and
teleconference).  Now I'd be the first to admit I could have worked
harder to participate and overcome this obstacle with a little extra
effort, but I implore the committee to be a little less cliquish.
-Brian Nettleton
Senior Member of the Technical Staff
Wind River Systems
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