[Dwarf-Discuss] Help and suggestion on DWARF file format

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Mon Apr 20 09:46:57 PDT 2009

Arnab Ganguly wrote:
> Any idea about the DWARF generated from Mac and Linux are going to be 
> identical or not?

DWARF generated on different systems should be similar, but not identical.

At a very basic level, there will be differences in addresses of symbols
or in the line table, since it's unlikely that compilers on Mac and Linux
will generate output which is identical.

Different compilers may generate different output for the same program,
using different optimizations, for example.  These differences will be
represented in the DWARF.

The DWARF specification does not dictate exactly what a compiler should
output.  There may be differences in ordering or in what attributes
which a compiler might output.

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