[Dwarf-Discuss] Does gcc optimization impacts retriving Dwarf information?

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at redhat.com
Mon Jun 1 16:29:31 PDT 2009

On May 29, 2009, "M. Mohan Kumar" <mohan at in.ibm.com> wrote:

> Frank, Will VTA/debuglocus have the dwarf compatibility (i.e. it does not
> need modification to existing applications using libdwarf APIs)?

Current implementation is fully compatible with existing dwarf.  There
are plans and code to represent value expressions as well, for variables
that are no longer available but whose value can still be computed, but
since we can't quite represent them in Dwarf, we currently discard such

> When can we expect this features (VTA/debuglocus) integrated into mainline
> gcc?

VTA is pretty much ready for integration, nbut it still requires buy-in
from global maintainers.

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