[Dwarf-Discuss] FTA information (was Dwarf-Discuss Digest, Vol 30, Issue 2)

Jakub Jelinek jakub at redhat.com
Mon Nov 23 11:19:30 PST 2009

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 11:09:45AM -0800, Cary Coutant wrote:
> > -fvar-tracking
> >        Run variable tracking pass. It computes where variables are
> >        stored at each position in code. Better debugging information is
> >        then generated (if the debugging information format supports
> >        this information).
> With location lists. Without this pass, gcc doesn't keep track of the
> information as accurately. It's just improving the
> quality-of-implementation.

That, and using the DW_OP_{stack,implicit}_value ops from DWARF4
when some variable doesn't have memory or register location, yet
it its value can be computed from other variables/memory/etc.


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