[Dwarf-Discuss] dwarfdump behaviour on unknown augmentation

Saurabh saurabhcv at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 09:05:01 PDT 2010

Hi David,
Shouldn't dwarfdump continue parsing and not error out when it encounters an 
unknownh augmentation string?

dwarfdump ERROR:  dwarf_get_fde_list:  DW_DLE_FRAME_AUGMENTATION_UNKNOWN(195) 

From the dwarf spec 2.0
If a reader encounters an augmentation string that is unexpected, then only the 
followinglength, CIE_id, version, augmentation; FDE: length,CIE_pointer
augmentation, this value is a zero byte.
 , initial_location, address_range. If there is no

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On 08/08/2010 03:00 AM, Saurabh wrote:
> Sorry guys,
> I think the discussion got diverted and I am still unclear on how to find the 
>return address. The example in the Dwarf Appendix is confusing and varying 
>compiler implementations have corroded my understanding further.

The DWARF CHECK messages (you post) about duplicate fde low-pc are a bug in 
This is embarrassing.    Those messages do not affect the rest of the dwarfdump 
output, but
most (all?) of the duplicate fde messages are wrong.
Released dwarfdump is conflating eh_frame and debug_frame FDEs (just for
the purpose of checking for duplicates).

Sorry about that. I will prepare a new release of dwarfdump, hopefully today.

This note does not address your question, sorry.

David Anderson

fields can be read: CIE: 

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