[Dwarf-Discuss] Mangled Type Def info in GNU 4.x DWARF data?

Ron Louzon louzonr at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 21 07:46:13 PST 2010

We have just migrated from the GNU 3.x compiler to GNU 4.x and this has introduced problems with type defs in the DWARF data.
I have a static variable “MyVariable” which is of type “MyType_T” and that type is a type def.
When I look at the DWARF data, the DIE for “MyVariable” contains the DW_AT_type attribute which points to the type information.
The DIE for the type information contains the DW_AT_name attribute with a value of “$_271” but all of the type information under this DIE is correct.
I did a search on the DWARF dump and the “MyType_T” type def does not appear anywhere in the output except for one place which is very strange.  “MyType_T” appears as the name attribute value in a “DW_TAG_subprogram” DIE as
<2><605AFA> Abbrev Number: 75  (DW_TAG_subprogram)
DW_AT_external: 1
DW_AT_name: (indirect string, offset:0x7701F ): MyType_T
DW_AT_artificial: 1
DW_AT_declaration: 1
<3><605B02> Abbrev Number: 19 (DW_TAG_formal_parameter)
DW_AT_type: <607792>
DW_AT_artificial: 1
The source code does not contain any subprograms, functions or methods which are named “MyType_T” and yet “MyType_T” appears in the DWARF data as a subprogram definition.  Why is the type mangled into “$_271”?  This presents a problem for me when I need to retrieve information for the type “MyType_T”.  Has anyone encountered this problem and if so, how did you retrieve the type information.

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