[Dwarf-Discuss] Request for DW_LANG_Go

Roland McGrath roland at redhat.com
Wed Oct 13 00:36:40 PDT 2010

> For the time being, you can use one of the user-defined language
> codes in the range 0x8000-0xffff.  If you would like, we can note
> this on the wiki.

IMHO it would be far more useful to have the committee agree today on an
assignment for the next revision, even if only informally.  It's hard to
imagine there will be any controversy about adding new constants with the
obvious names for any language that exists and has any implementation that
supports DWARF.  If producers and consumers start supporting a particular
value in the vendor-extension range, it will just be a pointless burden in
the future to switch to supporting a different value when the next revision
of DWARF is formalized.


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