[Dwarf-Discuss] Request for DW_LANG_Go

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Thu Oct 14 15:03:28 PDT 2010

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> "Relph, Richard" <Richard.Relph at amd.com> writes:
>> There is a pending request for 0x0015 for DW_LANG_OpenCL. See http://dwarfstd.org/ShowIssue.php?issue=100211.1&type=open
>> AMD may use DW_LANG_OpenCL in a commercial product "someday".
> I filed a request to add DW_LANG_Go as 0x0016.
> I don't want to step on anybody toes, but does it seem likely to be OK
> for me to generate object files which use that value?

Should be OK.

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