[Dwarf-Discuss] meaning's dwarf expression for DW_AT_frame_base in loclist

Marion Guthmuller marion.guthmuller at loria.fr
Thu Sep 13 02:37:06 PDT 2012


What does this expression mean ? DW_OP_breg7+8

This expression is associated to DW_AT_frame base in a loclist. 
DW_OP_breg7 is the contents of r7 but I don't understand the "+8". I 
thought that this expression mean to add 8 to the value in register 7 
but in this case, the expression should be DW_OP_breg7 8 (without "+") 
according to examples of location description in user guide.

Marion G.<http://www.loria.fr/%7Eguthmull>
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