[Dwarf-Discuss] null entries in location list

Attila Csosz csosz77 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 23:32:52 PDT 2013


How to interpret/read the null entries in .debug_loc?

For example

    00016462 c0028510 c002851f (DW_OP_reg2 (r2))
    00016462 <End of list>
    00016475 <End of list>
    000164a1 c00114b4 c00114b8 (DW_OP_breg13 (r13): 0)
    000164a1 c00114b8 c00114c0 (DW_OP_breg12 (r12): 0)
    000164a1 c00114c0 c0011534 (DW_OP_breg11 (r11): 4)
    000164a1 <End of list>

At 0x00016475 I have read 0x0 and 0x0 for beginaddress and endaddress but
the next entry start at 0x000164a1.

Gcc 4.6.3 arm crosscompiler

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