[Dwarf-Discuss] C++14 and C++03 (vs C++98)

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Fri Dec 5 11:17:26 PST 2014

On 12/02/14 03:46, Mark Wielaard wrote:

> BTW. That page says it is for DWARF Version 4 Standard issues. Not for
> DWARFv5 drafts. I have been using the following draft for prototyping
> some new things http://www.dwarfstd.org/doc/dwarf5.20141029.pdf
> I don't know if that is the latest version. Or when the committee
> expects feedback on the DWARFv5 draft document. I haven't had time to
> read the whole document yet. It would be nice to have a date/deadline
> before when feedback on the DWARFv5 draft should be given.

The web page is correct.  We have solicited comments and suggestions
for changes to the DWARF Version 4 standard.  The deadline for comments
was several months ago.

We anticipate publishing a public comment draft of the DWARF Version 5
Standard in April or May, 2015.

I repeatedly request that DWARF Committee members not redistribute internal
drafts of the standard.  Anyone in receipt of such a draft should also
not redistribute it.  Anyone relying on an internal draft does so at his
own risk.  This is a work in progress and we neither solicit nor accept
any comments based on an internal, unreleased document.

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