[Dwarf-Discuss] Proposal to add DW_AT_alignment

Joel Brobecker brobecker at adacore.com
Mon Jun 2 07:40:48 PDT 2014

> Thanks, I didn't know that. The proposal was certainly written with the
> above and the description C11 in mind. One thing I wanted to make clear
> was that a producer only needs to add the alignment if it is different
> from the default alignment as used for the language and abi. And that
> the producer should only add the alignment actually used (since in C11
> you can add multiple alignment requests for the same type but only the
> strictest is used). Adding an example for both C11 and Ada is probably a
> good idea in case such assumptions might be similar (or different)
> between the languages.

AFAICT, the wording was fine also for Ada.

> As Michael points out the official deadline for new proposals for DWARF
> 5 has passed. So maybe some of the later proposals don't make it for
> DWARF 5.0 final if the committee is very strict about the dates. But the
> important thing is that we review and discuss the proposal and make sure
> any (GNU) extensions will be as close as possible to what gets adopted
> into the standard eventually.

Agreed. Even if it does not make it in v5, it'll be just as good if
it show up in the issue tracker as reviewed and accepted.


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