[Dwarf-Discuss] About self-referencial sized types

Pierre-Marie de Rodat derodat at adacore.com
Tue Jun 10 02:29:07 PDT 2014

On 05/15/2014 06:42 PM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
>> Yes, I've actually already started to work with this lang-hook so we
>> can master the DWARF information output for Ada array types (very
>> useful!). However, it does not solve the issue of knowing what DWARF
>> operations to output in order to compute the bounds of VLAs
>> *without* descriptors. (see the end of my 05/14/2014 mail)
> You still build some trees in that langhook that describe the bounds etc.
> and dwarf2out.c just transforms those trees into DWARF4 expression opcodes.

Absolutely. In my use case, dwarf2out.c currently doesn't know how to 
translate trees from the Ada frontend into DWARF opcodes. I started this 
thread in order to know how it should do so.

Pierre-Marie de Rodat

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