[Dwarf-Discuss] DWARF and online-compiled programs (Simon Brand)

Robinson, Paul paul.robinson at sony.com
Thu Jun 9 11:02:44 PDT 2016

In principle you could have generated source JIT-compiled on a device that has no filesystem in the usual sense, or maybe has one but it isn't writable.
Seems like a reasonable approach.

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I'm writing this email in particular to address the problem of referencing source files in DWARF for online-compiled programs. The issue is that programming models such as OpenCL can often have source generated at runtime,which is compiled online, with its output not written to file. This raises an issue for the compiler: in the generated DWARF, what should it put as the file name of the compile unit and associated line table information?

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I'm inclined to say that in the general case the compiler should create an actual file and use it, but I like the in-the-binary solution for short pseudo-sources.

This would go into V6, right?

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