[Dwarf-Discuss] dsymutil: "could not find referenced DIE" followed by a segmentation fault and other newbie questions

Michael Eager eager at eagerm.com
Sun Dec 9 07:55:16 PST 2018

On 12/09/2018 07:27 AM, Gil Moses via Dwarf-Discuss wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Although it might be a bug in Clang, I'd like to get a grip on the DWARF side of it - i.e. understanding the error and tracking down the root cause.
> Also, since dsymutil is an open source project util that generates DWARF files, I was hoping someone would know where to download the project. Then, I might be able to debug my problem.

DW_TAG_imported_declaration is the DWARF representation of "using" in 
C++ (and similar constructs in other languages).  It says to include the 
DWARF DIE (and its children) which are pointed to by the DW_AT_import 
attribute (an offset in the current compilation unit) into the current 

Appendix D.3 in the DWARF Version 5 spec has an example.

In the error you received, dsymutil says that it could not find the DIE 
that the DW_AT_import referenced.  You can look at the DWARF debug info 
(using readelf or dwarfdump) and see what is at offset 0x4c4f5254.  If 
that is not a DIE, then the DWARF generated by clang is incorrect.  If 
it is a DIE, then dysmutil is confused.

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