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> On 09/24/2018 09:19 AM, Robert Harris via Dwarf-Discuss wrote:
> >> But in general, yes, any DWARF expression that contains a DW_OP_addr
> might need a relocation for its address argument.
>  >
> > Are you aware of where in the standard this is documented?  It sounds
> reasonable
> > but I'm returning to this after a long time and I don't remember my way
> around as
> > well as I used to.
> DW_OP_addr is described in Section of the DWARF 5 Standard:
>    2. DW_OP_addr
>       The DW_OP_addr operation has a single operand that encodes a
>       machine address and whose size is the size of an address on the
>       target machine.
> The most common way in which the machine address is provided as the
> operand is by generating a relocatable value pointing to the target
> address.  This is not really a DWARF specification; it is how
> relocations work in assemblers and linkers.
Yes. This is where 7.3.1 comes in handy :)

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