[Dwarf-discuss] Re: adding new fundamental types to DWARF

James Cownie jcownie
Fri Feb 25 04:51:49 GMT 2005

Todd, read the IBM question again...

> We at IBM are undertaking a project to incorporate the ISO C draft for
> decimal floating point arithmetic into GCC.  This extension to the C99
> standard adds three new fundamental types.  We would like the debugger
> and other utilities to understand these types.

I think this is Mike Cowlishaw's suggestion for decimal _floating point_.

> Jan van Dongen of ACE also proposed adding fixed-point type support to the
> standard for DSP-C and Embedded C.  And we at Concurrent implemented
> fixed-point support for Ada, although we never submitted the changes for
> approval because no other vendors seemed interested in generalized Ada
> extensions.

This is a _fixed point_ representation.

They're different representations and warrant different proposals (and
different base types).

-- Jim
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