[Dwarf-discuss] Encoding fixed-point types

Michael Eager eager
Thu Jul 14 00:16:09 GMT 2005

Todd Allen wrote:
>>The lack of rational constants, alas, would seem to limit the generality of 
>>the supported 'Small values.  I observe that such a facility would also give
>>a way to represent Ada named numbers.  
> Well, without them things aren't perfect.  But providing smalls as
> double-precision floating-point is pretty good.  And likewise with named
> numbers.  And it saves debuggers from having to support abitrary-length
> integers.  But I certainly wouldn't object to a new DW_TAG_rational_constant
> that provided perfect representations.
>>Are the vendor extensions for Ada that you mention publicly available?
> Yes and no.  I have permission to distibute Concurrent's, but it isn't
> anywhere that's easy to reach at the moment.  I'll send you a copy in a
> subsequent email (to keep the mailing list bandwidth low).
> Michael Eager is planning to place DDC-I's spec on the Dwarf 3 website.  And
> I'll be sending him a copy of Concurrent's spec to go in the same place.

It's here:  http://dwarf.freestandards.org/DDCI_DWARF_Extensions.pdf

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