[Dwarf-discuss] F9x elemental procedures

David Anderson davea
Wed Jun 8 15:13:26 GMT 2005

Ron B:
>FWIW, I think the elemental concept was introduced in Fortran 95
>and is not in Fortran 90.

ISO/IEC 1539:1991(E) has elemental in it.  The one I have
is a draft printed by Global Engineering Documents.
(The 'final' version cost $285 from GED at the time, BTW).

It defines RECURSIVE and elemental, not pure. It has no 
keyword for elemental or pure (does have RECURSIVE keyword).

I'd guess this means you're really correct and it was Fortran95
before elemental was really complete.  But I don't have definitive
documents... So I'm leaving this to those with updated documents!

David A.

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