[Dwarf-discuss] FORMs of DW_AT_stride_size in Draft 9

Keith Walker Keith.Walker
Tue Jun 21 13:32:18 GMT 2005

In DWARF-3 Draft 9, Figure 18 Attribute Encoding specifies that
DW_AT_stride_size has a class of constant.

Section 2.18 Static and Dynamic Properties of Types has the commentary
  "The applicable attributes include: DW_AT_allocated, DW_AT_associated,
   DW_AT_bit_offset, DW_AT_bit_size, DW_AT_byte_size, DW_AT_count,
   DW_AT_lower_bound, DW_AT_stride, DW_AT_stride_size, DW_AT_upper_bound
  (and possibly others)."

All the other attribute in this list are specified as having the Classes

I therefore think that it is probably appropriate that the
DW_AT_stride_size also has the Classes block,constant,reference.

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