[Dwarf-discuss] Encoding fixed-point types

Paul Hilfinger hilfingr
Wed Jun 29 06:43:38 GMT 2005

> This issue was addressed recently by the Dwarf 3 Workgroup.  Although
> the issue was titled "Cobol Data Types".  The COBOL additions were
> augmented slightly with a DW_AT_small attribute to support Ada.  See
> the following issue for details:

>    http://dwarf.freestandards.org/ShowIssue.php?issue=020401.1&type=closed

Thanks for your (and Ron's) response.

> The additions there don't really support a rational small.  At the time we
> were working on the issue, the only Ada vendor involved was Concurrent, and
> we didn't feel the need for it.  But if you do, I would suggest that you use
> the DW_AT_small and then define something like a new DW_TAG_rational_constant
> with DW_AT_numerator and DW_AT_denominator.

The lack of rational constants, alas, would seem to limit the generality of 
the supported 'Small values.  I observe that such a facility would also give
a way to represent Ada named numbers.  

Are the vendor extensions for Ada that you mention publicly available?


P. Hilfinger

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