[Dwarf-discuss] DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name

Todd Allen todd.allen
Fri Mar 25 11:24:36 GMT 2005

> I tried a simple test of weak symbol extract from archive libraries and
> gcc 3.4.3 seems to act like I expect, it works the same way on Solaris
> using the Sun linker.

Yeah, I got turned around and was thinking about an old linker on a different

The problem I encountered with Gnu ld was sort of the opposite.  Once ld
finds a weak definition of a symbol, it's happy.  It no longer will search
archives for a non-weak definition of that symbol to resolve the reference.
For Dwarf references, that's good.  But for references from, say, calls,
that's not good.  The root of this still is the same: that ld can't
distinguish between a reference where it's crucial that it find a strong
definition if at all possible (e.g. a call) and one where the weak definition
is just fine (e.g. a Dwarf reference).

I dug up the old example that I used as proof of this, and have attached it
as a tarball, in case you're interested.

Todd Allen
Concurrent Computer Corporation
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