[Dwarf-discuss] DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name

Michael Eager eager
Fri Mar 25 11:32:45 GMT 2005

I think that every time this has been discussed, we have
come to the conclusion that the prefered solution
is to use the C++ name (or canonical name for templates
or functions) and a reference to the actual object.
The reference has a relocation to the object, which
implictly relates the DWARF specification with the
linker name.

Chris Quenelle wrote:
> I notice that g++ will emit the linkage name
> for declaractions of some kinds of symbols.
> (The symbols I'm looking at are all C++ symbols
> with mangled linker names.)
> I'm considering the same thing for the Sun compilers
> because it makes it easier for the debugger to match
> up the declaration with other declarations and definitions
> of member functions and variables.
> Has this issue been raised before?
> Should we add a new attribute in the standard
> part of the attribute namespace for recording the
> linkage name of a symbol?
> I think you could get by without it, if you were
> willing to merge type information in the debugger
> by doing a complete node-wise comparison of the whole
> type tree.  The debugger guy I am working with
> is resisting that idea.  :-)  It's easier to just
> compare two linker names to see if they represent
> the same C++ symbol.
> -------
> For a definition, we can just put in the DW_AT_low_pc
> attribute, and insert the address into the dwarf info.
> But for a declaration, the symbol might not
> end up getting defined in the a.out.  I wonder if we
> could add "weak" references to the linker name
> in a declaraction, and hence put either "0" or the address
> into the declaration die.  Then the debugger can
> always look the address up in the symbol table if it wants to.
> Some C++ mangled names are VERY long.  I hate to record them
> in dwarf and the ELF string table both.
> --chris
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