[Dwarf-discuss] tag nesting question

Michael Eager eager
Sat Dec 23 20:49:37 GMT 2006

Marcel Mettes wrote:
> As being someone who works on debuggers, I would love to see the extra 
> info.
> One of my personal goals for the debugger is that it shows exactly what 
> was present in the original source code that was compiled, so that 
> someone who is debugging may spot an error because of the actual input. 
> Hiding differences like struct versus class is not likely to hide bugs, 
> but in general I prefer as much detail as possible.
> Also, with g++ compiled objects, the debugger must first use some test 
> to detect how to display DW_TAG_struct_type (personally I do not want to 
> see struct when debugging C++) which I do not like much myself. I would 
> like to use as little heuristics as possible, there is enough confusion 
> already :-).

The issue is less about whether to identify that the source was
a class, struct, or union, than how to identify this.  In general,
for small distinctions between essentially identical constructs,
like class, struct, and union, DWARF uses an attribute to distinguish
which appeared in the source.

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