[Dwarf-discuss] DWARF Debugging Standard Version 3 Released

Michael Eager eager
Thu Jan 5 12:50:19 GMT 2006

The DWARF Workgroup of The Free Standards Group is pleased
to announce the availability of Version 3 of the DWARF
Debugging Format Standard.   The DWARF Debugging Format
allows programming tools developers to create compilers and
debuggers which make it easier for programmers to develop,
test and debug programs.

DWARF is used by many compilers and debuggers to support
debugging of Ada, C, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Java, Pascal,
and other programming languages.  A variety of processors
are supported, including ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, x86, and many
others, ranging from 8-bit to 64-bit processors.  DWARF
is designed to be easily extended to support new processors
and new programming languages.

Version 3 of the DWARF Standard is upward compatible with
the previous Version 2 and includes support for C++ namespaces;
additional data types for C, Fortran, and Cobol; improved support
for optimized code; and improvements in eliminating duplicate
debugging information.  There is support for using DWARF
data in shared libraries as well as in files larger than 4Gb.

"The DWARF Debugging Format Standard allows compilers and debuggers
from different vendors to work together effectively," said
Michael Eager, Chair of the DWARF Workgroup.  "This has benefits
for both development tool vendors and programmers using these
tools.  The vendors can focus on creating best-in-class tools
built on open standards, rather than extending proprietary
debugging formats.  The programmers can choose the development
tools which best address their needs."

The DWARF Workgroup consists of representatives from a broad
base of microprocessor vendors and tool developers.  The companies
represented include:  Apple, ARM, Concurrent Computer Corp.,
DDC-I, Eager Consulting, Etnus LLC, HP, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, SGI,
and Sun Microsystems.

The DWARF Version 3 Standard is available from The Free
Standards Group without charge at dwarf.freestandards.org.
Information about the DWARF mailing list is also available on
the website.  Questions about the DWARF Debugging Format or
the DWARF Workgroup may be directed to the Chair, Michael Eager,
at dwarf at eagercon.com.

Michael Eager, DWARF Workgroup Chair
Eager Consulting
1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306
dwarf at eagercon.com

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