[Dwarf-discuss] dwarf information for mutiple statements at the same line.

HaiFeng He hehaifeng
Fri Jun 23 16:57:32 GMT 2006

Thanks for the reply. I realized that there is column information
in line_table. However, when I try "dwarfdump" on my test program,
the value of column is always -1. What should I do to get that
information correct?



On 6/23/06, David Anderson <davea at quasar.engr.sgi.com> wrote:
> In the dwarf 'line table' each entry is composed of a
> file number, a line-number, and an offset.
> The offset being the offset within the line of the source
> construct.
> In other words, the entries for the above might be
>         1 100 1
>         1 100 7
> if it is line 100 in the source file whose table number is 1
> and the f1 is at column 1 and the f2 is at column 7.
See section 6.2, "Line Number Information" of the DWARF3
> document for the
> conceptual and physical details of line entries.
> (essentially the same as in DWARF2)
> It's up to the compiler to emit the offset-within-source-line
> and debugger to make something useful of it, of course...
> Hope this helps.
> David Anderson
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