[Dwarf-Discuss] Dwarf standards membership

Michael Eager eager@eagercon.com
Sat Apr 12 17:39:50 GMT 2008

Nettleton, Brian wrote:
> After the recent discussion about membership and time and all that I did 
> want to take the opportunity to note that I see this as a pattern.  I'll 
> likely be attacked by Mr. Eager for the same reasons as Roland as I am 
> also guilty of not attending meetings.  It is unfair to say "you 
> declined, saying you were not interested in furthering the standard."  
> Obviously he is interested in furthering the standard, just apparently 
> not on Mr. Eager's terms.  It is unbefitting for the chair of any 
> committee to accuse other people of being not interested in furthering 
> the standard.  It's simply an ad hominem attack.
> I tried to participate in the group many years ago and also never felt 
> welcome for much of the same kinds of comments (both by email and 
> teleconference).  Now I'd be the first to admit I could have worked 
> harder to participate and overcome this obstacle with a little extra 
> effort, but I implore the committee to be a little less cliquish.

Brian --

I'm sorry you never felt yourself to be welcome on the DWARF Committee.
I sent you an email last year which invited you to join the committee.
I don't have any record of your reply.  I don't recall your participating
in any DWARF Committee conference call or on the Committee mailing list.

The DWARF Debugging Standard Committee currently has 18 members
representing 12 companies.  It is open to anyone who is interested
in actively participating in the development of the DWARF Standard.

Every standards committee requires a commitment on the part of the
participants to invest at least minimal time to supporting the
committee's activities.  Some people do spend a significant amount
of time on DWARF.  Others spend less.  Active participation means
participating in meetings (a two-hour conference call about once a
month); reviewing, discussing, and evaluating proposals; and
reviewing the standard.  We've made accommodations for people who,
because of time-zone differences, are unable to participate in
the telephone conference call.

Unlike many other standards committees, there is no fee to join
the DWARF Standards Committee.  The DWARF standards are available
to anyone, without charge.   The current open issues and decisions
about resolved issues are published and visible to everyone, again,
unlike many other standards committees.

If you are interested in participating in the DWARF Standards
Committee, I'd be happy to extend an invitation to join.

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