[Dwarf-Discuss] DW_AT_specification chains

Marcel Mettes marcelm@altium.nl
Wed Apr 23 13:51:29 GMT 2008


I was wondering what the semantics are of a series of DW_AT_specifications
that are supposed to form some kind of chain?

For example

    X1 TAG_variable
    X2     DW_AT_name = "x"
    Y1 TAG_variable
    Y2     DW_AT_specification = X1
    Y3     DW_AT_external = 1
    Y4     DW_AT_type = ...

    Z1 TAG_variable
    Z2     DW_AT_specification = Y1
    Z3     DW_AT_location = ...

Would this be valid or should the DW_AT_specification at offset Z2
point directly to X1?

Best regards,

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