[Dwarf-Discuss] how to find local variable stored in register

Frank Ch. Eigler fche@redhat.com
Wed Feb 6 13:42:09 GMT 2008

Hi -

On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 01:45:53AM -0500, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> [...]
> > I'll point out that I was careful not to make the argument that size
> > doesn't matter to anyone.  [...]
> By arguing that it is a mistake for GCC to care about GiB  ('I think
> it's a mistake for GCC to assume that a GiB is precious; it's not so
> for many real-world organizations'), you seem to be implying that the
> majority of GCC users don't care about the size of the debug info. [...]

This is becoming painfully off topic for this mailing list.  
It should be clear that
(a) dwarf can describe with greater accuracy the location of locals
    (including the ignorance of the location ("don't know")), which makes
    some users very happy
(b) this probably costs somewhat more space, which makes some users unhappy
(c) this probably costs more compiler effort, which makes some compiler
    writers unhappy

Only point (a) is relevant to dwarf standardization.  There need not
be a popularity contest about the others: tools that are able to cater
to user group (a) can do so without forcing groups (b) and (c) to do
anything extra.

> [...]  PS Off-topic, but out of curiousity, is firefox debuggable
> with GDB these days? Last I looked a few years ago, mozilla binaries
> had 1.6 gig of debug info, and GDB required more than that in memory
> to truly debug it.

I don't know, but workstation RAM has grown somewhat over a few years.

- FChE

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