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>1)   Given an ARM executable, how to know weather a given address
>contains  an 'arm instruction' or 'literal pool' ??

Afaik, ARM uses mapping symbols. $a would start an ARM code region, $t a Thumb code region, $d a data region. The region lasts until the next mapping symbol.

You should find this information in the ARM EABI - it's (or had been) available from their web-site.

>2) What happens when we strip that binary?  Can we still determine
>whether given address contains  an 'arm instruction' or 'literal

The mapping symbols are part of the symbol table and should not be stripped. I guess you could ask your linker to remove them, though.

>3)Can    libelf/libdwarf libraries  determine  whether given address
>contains  an 'arm instruction' or 'literal pool'  even after that
>library has been stripped? Where can I find sample programs which uses
>libelf/libdwarf libraries and will tell  whether given address
>contains  an 'arm instruction' or 'literal pool' ?

Give it a try.

>4) How debuggers build control flow graph from an executable, when
>'literal pool' appears in between 'instructions'?

Control should always flow around literal pools. I don't think you even need to be aware of literal pools to construct a control flow graph. As long as you don't mix modes, I guess you may even ignore mapping symbols completely.

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