[Dwarf-Discuss] DW_FORM_data1 and DW_AT_const_value

Roland McGrath roland@redhat.com
Mon Jul 26 23:03:41 GMT 2010

> I don't think that either the normative or non-normative text
> is ambiguous.  It is explicit that the interpretation of the
> value is unspecified and must be determined by producer and
> consumer agreeing to an interpretation.


> >> That is not the interpretation described in the DWARF standard.
> > 
> > You just said that the standard does not specify an interpretation.

I'll clarify my point here: The mere use of the phrase "the interpretation
described in the DWARF standard" in your sentence obviously implies that
some particular interpretation exists in the standard (the grammatical
meaning of saying "the").  However, the rest of what you said makes quite
clear that no such interpretation exists in the standard.  Hence, I found
this latter statement of yours confusing.

> You can't create an implication that DW_FORM_data is always
> zero-extended based on the statement in the standard that the
> interpretation is not specified.

Of course I did no such thing.  What I did was to suggest an interpretation
that I think actual producers and consumers should agree on, since it's
unspecified.  I further meant to imply that it might be worthwhile for the
standard to actually specify this area in such detail, which it does not today.


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