[Dwarf-Discuss] About DW_AT_external

P J P pj.pandit@yahoo.co.in
Wed Jul 28 16:41:35 GMT 2010

--- On Wed, 28/7/10, Robinson, Paul T (NonStop) <paul.t.robinson at hp.com>
> The standard consistently says "visible outside of its
> containing compilation unit" when talking about DW_AT_external.

  Irrespective of where the variable/function is defined?

Ex.: say an application uses standard library functions/C++ classes like malloc, strncpy, strcmp, operator>>, operator<< etc.

The dwarf DIE of such symbols in the application object file will have DW_AT_external set, I guess, right?

Is there a way to know whether the function is defined in the same compilation unit or is there because of linking with the other compilation units?

Thank you.
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