[Dwarf-Discuss] DW_AT_accessibility default

Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com
Thu Jul 29 17:24:38 GMT 2010

On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 01:07:44PM +0200, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> For DW_TAG_inheritance, DW_TAG_member and DW_TAG_subprogram
> the standard says that if the DW_AT_accessibility attribute is missing,
> private accessibility is assumed for class entries and public for
> interfaces, structs or unions.
> Does the same apply to all the other DIEs that may have DW_AT_accessibility
> attribute?
> What exactly is meant by in class?  DIEs that are immediate children
> of DW_TAG_class_type (resp. DW_TAG_{structure,interface,union}_type)?
> E.g. if
> DW_TAG_class_type
>   DW_TAG_structure_type
>     ! DW_AT_accessibility is missing, does that imply DW_ACCESS_private
>     ! here?
> Should for DIE parents other than DW_TAG_{structure,interface,union,class}_type
> DW_AT_accessibility be not considered meaningful?

Also, the default for DW_AT_accessibility seems to be incompatible between
DWARF2 and DWARF3+, as in DWARF2 for DW_TAG_inheritance the default was
unconditionally DW_ACCESS_private (for other DIEs DWARF2 doesn't talk about
any defaults).


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