[Dwarf-Discuss] Register kinds

Michael Eager eager@eagercon.com
Mon Nov 1 16:25:40 GMT 2010

Relph, Richard wrote:

>     This is an abstraction of the capabilities of AMD GPUs. The IL is 
> itself compiled to machine code by a shader compiler (a version of which 
> is also used for OpenGL and Direct X.) We?re defining the debug layer at 
> the IL stage to support multiple different GPU architectures. 

>     It?s the theoretically unbounded nature of the IL GPRs that is 
> giving me fits at the moment.

If registers in the IL are subsequently mapped to
actual hardware registers, these are the ones that
should be listed in the DWARF data.  How do you
plan to relate the IL registers to the hardware

DWARF is intended to provide a description of the
mapping between the source and the executable code
which runs on the hardware.  If you are planning on
using DWARF to describe the mapping between source
and an intermediate language, you are heading off
into unexplored territory.  I suspect that there are
many areas where DWARF does not provide sufficient
information to describe an intermediate language
which is later translated into machine language.

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