[Dwarf-Discuss] Register kinds

Michael Eager eager@eagercon.com
Mon Nov 1 18:11:25 GMT 2010

Mark Kettenis wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2010 09:12:35 -0700
>> From: "Michael Eager" <eager at eagercon.com>
>> Relph, Richard wrote:
>>> When establishing a mapping from DWARF on to a new machine architecture, 
>>> one has to establish a mechanism for referring to registers.
>>> If the architecture supports more than one kind of register, what?s the 
>>> recommended approach for ?naming? registers of a kind other than the 
>>> most common?
>> Take a look at the PowerPC (RS6000) for an example of an
>> architecture with a variety of register types.  General and
>> FP regs get low numbers, all others have more-or-less
>> arbitrary register numbers.
> I'm not sure the POWER/PowerPC/PowerISA mess is something I'd
> recommend people to replicate.

Just that it is a data point -- an architecture with
a variety of registers of different types.   No recommendation

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