[Dwarf-Discuss] Can Fortran array type be shared?

Kendrick Wong kendrick@ca.ibm.com
Mon Nov 1 18:11:58 GMT 2010

In the Appendix D.2.1 Fortran 90 example:

type array_ptr 
real :: myvar 
real, dimension (:), pointer :: ap 
end type array_ptr 

type(array_ptr), allocatable, dimension(:) :: arrays 

'arrays' has a DW_TAG_array_type as below:
6$: DW_TAG_array_type 
       ! No name, default (Fortran) ordering, default stride 
       DW_AT_type(reference to 3$) 

If the example has:
type(array_ptr), pointer, dimension(:) :: arrayptrs

Does it make sense to reuse 6$ with an additiional DW_AT_associated 
attribute, or is the correct thing to create another DW_TAG_array_type?

Kendrick Wong
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