[Dwarf-Discuss] error building libdwarf

David Anderson davea42@earthlink.net
Wed Sep 29 15:40:20 GMT 2010

On 09/29/2010 03:45 AM, Rawat Mohit wrote:
> Hello, All.
>                 I m new to this ELF/DWARF word.
> Some confusion I want to clear with you. Situation is like, I am 
> working with VX-Compiler( TASKING iDE). That IDE can produce ELF file 
> as output, I can see that file through Tasking IDE, but I am not able 
> to find any DWARF-debugging data in that ELF file.
> So, my question is if I have to add Debugging info into my Source code 
> file( *.c file) and then at the time of compilation I will get DWARF 
> data into my ELF output file or Tasking-IDE will automatically add 
> that debugging info into source code files at the time of compilation.
  Whether any given compiler generates any DWARF information  (by 
default or by you
setting a preference or providing a compiler option) is up to the 
compiler developers.
So check with folks who know your tools.

David Anderson

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