[Dwarf-Discuss] How best to represent multiple programs in a single file...

John DelSignore John.DelSignore@roguewave.com
Tue Jan 4 21:25:12 GMT 2011

I had the same thought: your kernels work kind-of like overlays, but I didn't mention it because I think DWARF does not support overlays properly, and you'd need to resort to other hackery. See the following DWARF issue:



Cheers, John D.

Relph, Richard wrote:
>> You do need to have DWARF which describes each
>> kernel separately.
> This is the conclusion I've reached.
>> This "kernel" organization looks to me a lot like
>> overlays.  I'm not exactly sure how other compilers
>> have handled this in ELF/DWARF.
> Oh my... Overlays... I'd completely forgotten that term... But that you mentioned it and that I recognized it shows something about our age, doesn't it... ;-)
> But you're right, this is very much like the old MS-DOS (or was it CP/M?) style overlays of too many years ago. A program counter address isn't enough information alone to figure out a source file line, you need to know which 'overlay' - or kernel - is currently loaded.
> Richard

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