[Dwarf-Discuss] question about [0x0..0xffffffff] location list entry

Roland McGrath roland@redhat.com
Wed Jan 19 20:50:34 GMT 2011

> The location list entry, as dumped by readelf looks is:
>     Offset   Begin    End      Expression
>     00090068 0009f7c4 0009f7c3 (DW_OP_addr: 4000d120)
>     00090068 <End of list>
> A raw dump of the .debug_loc section at the offset where our
> location list is located shows that begin and end offsets are
> 0x0 and 0xffffffff (address size is 32bits).
> I believe that the intention behind this location list entry is
> to say: variable lives at DW_OP_addr=4000d120 for all PC addresses
> (infinite range).

Any sensible compiler would just emit a direct DW_FORM_exprloc here instead
of using a location list at all.

> But I also believe that this is not saying what they thing it is
> expressing.  According to the way I understand the DWARF4 standard,
> I believe that the above should mean that the variable is live
> only for PC addresses starting at 0x0009f7c4 (the base address
> of the unit containing that variable).  So the live range for
> that address, as expressed, is [0x0009f7c4..+Inf[.

Assuming there is no previous base address entry in that location list,
then that's roughly correct.  What makes it "rough" is that I don't think
it's at all clear what overflowing/wrapping address computations are
supposed to mean.  It seems highly dubious that the producer should ever
emit values wherein the additions the consumer does would overflow like this.


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