[Dwarf-Discuss] Kindle and the DWARF4 pdf document.

David Anderson davea42@earthlink.net
Mon Jul 25 17:18:06 GMT 2011

An open-source application  "Calibre"  can convert  a PDF to mobi format 
(and to other
formats as well).
It's a GUI app and works on Linux (and, I suspect, MacOS  X and Windows).
On Ubuntu 10.x or 11.x:   "sudo apt-get install calibre"

Do not just copy the result of Calibre conversion
to Kindle by hand like a normal
file-copy-to-usb-disk, the result won't be recognized by Kindle.

Calibre will find a Kindle if you plug Kindle into your USB device.
A sort of picture of the Kindle appears in the Calibre menus
at the top of the panel.
Copy mobi format to Kindle using Calibre menus (I found the
Calibre menus a little difficult to use but after a bit of guessing
I got things to work).
Use Calibre menus to dismount/eject Kindle and the document will show
up in the Kindle marked as 'new' in the usual kindle menu.

As of Calibre 0.7.44 the result is usable on Kindle but not wonderful.
The Kindle search mechanism is awkward and limited
and not  configurable.  You can usefully search for whole terms
like dw_at_high_pc, for example.

The text reflows so text shows up ok on the Kindle screen obeying your
Kindle appearance choices, but there are some odd line breaks   -- it would
be a bit much to expect a perfect conversion of the original formatting 

All the ..... dots in the pdf table of contents of course show up as, 
well, useless screen-consuming dots  :-)
All the big tables wind up pretty difficult to make any sense of, though 
the content seems to be there.

The Calibre-created mobi version text is much more readable on Kindle 
than the pdf version, however.

Just FYI.

David Anderson

It hurt the way your tongue hurts after you accidentally staple it to the wall. -- Brian Broadus

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